AboX - The revolutionized Frontbox

The Frontbox 2.0 by Segmento.

Bringing the Frontbox to this Century! 

Lightweight, compact, durable & electrified. 

A wide range of Power and Mounting-solutions and Accessories are available!

Contact Sascha if you are interested in preordering!
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- custom designed, 3D printed accessory box for your focus stand


- printed from rugged PETG, temperature resistant (-60°C - 100°C ) 

- lightweight, only about 900gr (without battery)

- dimensions: 200mm x 250mm (outer box) / 100mm x 110mm (inner box )

- fits every standard stand in the industry and sits right in the center of gravity

- quickly take off the outer box and still keep your essentials nearby in the inner part

- magnetic snap-on system and pogo pins for solid electronic contact 


- LED illumination for both sections

- two USB sockets for charging your phone and other devices


- two 12V 2Pin Lemo sockets for powering your focus station


- designed for micro V-Mount / Gold Mount