Mini Quick Release Adapter |RECEIVER VERSION |Batch3| Lenzcameratools

Mini Quick Release Adapter |RECEIVER VERSION |Batch3| Lenzcameratools

Receiver Version of our Quickrelease Adapters reinforced with Helicoils

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The Receiver Version of our Mini Quick Release Adapter comes reinforced with Helicoils.

It has NO SCREWS! It offers Thread-holes only with the maximum threads possible to ensure a rocksolid connection.

The choice if you need to connect a bolt and stand or a Titan arm etc...

This Receiver Version is interchangeable with the Standard Mini Quick Release Adapter to offer you the flexibility you need to build your solid setup. 

The Upper Part has 1/4"& 3/8" Threadholes. The 3/8" thread-hole comes with ARRI PIN ANTI TWIST Holes to prevent turning loose.

The Lower Part has a 3/8" Threadhole. It also fits in the ARRI & SMALLHD ANTI TWIST PLATES (which are sold separately).

The "Receiver" is totally interchangeable with the "Standard Version" which gives you even more possibilities. 

The Lever is black, we sell other colors (red, blue, yellow, green and pink) separately if you need some color. It is easy to change.

We mark the Batchnumber inside the Quick Release Adapters.

Please note that only our very first Batch is not interchangable to the Adapters currently sold. 

Last but not least:

For each of Our Quick Release Adapters sold one Tree will be planted!

Due to different Measurements our Quickrelease will not fit on any other Brand Quick-release Adapters.


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