Lenz Camera Cover Raincover L

Lenz Camera Cover Raincover L

Lenz Camera Cover Raincover Size L - 145x135 cm.

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Our 145cm x 135cm raincover ist made from high quality codura. To adapt as good as possible to your lens or mattebox, we worked in velcro and elastic on one side.
The black material of our cameracover is not only a rain-cover.

Due to its black color you can also use it to hide the camera in reflections.

The inlay is made from skin-friendly cotton, so the cameraman/woman can also hide underneath it. Or if you are working as an AC and you need to see your monitor in bright sunlight.

The Lenzcover is Made in Germany and comes with a transport bag.

P.S. for all doubters and skeptics:

A cameracover does not have to be silver nowadays.

Fore sure it was reasonable to cover a 16mm or 35mm camera in direct sun to protect the filmmaterial from being cooked. 

But covering a fan of a digital camera is not recommended. So you will only have to cover the camera on rainy days or to hide it in reflections.

We also offer the Lenz Camera Cover Raincover M.

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