Hi-5 Ring Ruler for ARRI Remote Focus Hand Unit - Front

Hi-5 Ring Ruler for ARRI Hi-5 Remote Focus Hand Unit

Hi-5 Ring Ruler to mark WCU-4 Rings on Hi-5 properly.

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With newer Firmwares dropping, ARRI’s Hi-5 Remote Focus gains in popularity. However due to chip shortages worldwide it’s hard to get your hands on Hi-5‘s new Smart Focus Rings. New units of the Hi-5 might even be delivered without a blank Smart Ring due to their unavailability. 

ERGO, If you want to use Pre-Marked Focus Rings you end up with the choice of using the older WCU-4 Rings and will be limited to the existing range. If you intend to use the full range of Hi-5‘s new 10 Pre-Marked Rings you will have to mark them yourself. Besides there are heaps of focus pullers who like to have different markings than ARRI offers to their customers or even different colors for specific distances. And of course let’s not forget the old schoolers who don’t believe in premarks at all ;-)

This is where the Hi-5 Ring Ruler comes in handy. It’s „one tool to rule them all“.

Mount it onto your Hi-5 and under a WCU-4 ring and start drawing clean and even lines throughout your entire scale. 3 marks on the ruler will help you to get different but even line lengths to further distinguish distances on a quick glance. Taped credit cards or weird hand grips to have a comfortable pen position are a thing of the past and you won’t know you‘ve missed until you‘ve tried it.

Made from anodised aluminium.

Design by Florian Bellack

Data sheet

Data sheet

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